3 Night Krabi Itinerary: Exploring Krabi, Thailand

When Visited?


Price Point?


Travel Size?



3 Nights

How We Got Around The City?

Mode: Shuttle
Rating: ★★★★☆

❂ Most hotels in the area probably offer free shuttles to and from Ao Nang. You can also probably just take a taxi which is usually not expensive. I don’t think renting a car is necessary

How We Got To Krabi Province?

Car (Taxi) Ride

Price: $100
Car Path

Phuket, Thailand → Aonang, Thailand




Review: You can get from Krabi to Phuket either by boat, by car or plane.

We didn’t want to bother flying as it’s too much preparation etc. and there’s only one ferry at 8am so we decided to take a car instead.

It’s a little bit more expensive but definitely worth it.

Where We Stayed?


Phu Petra Resort Ao Nang

Breakfast Incl.: Yes
Room Type: Regular
Price: $65/night
Rating: ★★★★☆

Details & Review

4 Guests | 3 Nights
Review: This is such a beautiful hotel located right next to some of those limestone mountains that Krabi is known for.

The view from the pool is incredible and every morning you wake up to the sounds of the jungle.

It’s also very conveniently located close to the central part of town and they provide a shuttle as well.

What We Did?


Krabi Activities

We took a boat tour to Hong Island, Hong Lagoon, Pakbia Island and Lading Island.

Price: $75
Rating: ★★★★☆

ℹ: We did a private tour as we did not want to go with a big group and wanted to have our own schedule and leave each location whenever we wanted. Your two options are long boat and speed boat so we went with the long boat as we wanted to experience this traditional Thai ride.
❂ Island Info: Hong Island, Hong Lagoon | Pak Bia Island | Lading Island

Day ➊

Review: It only took about 40 min to get to the group of islands. We did some beach hopping and had a pretty chill day after which we headed back home.

If you’re doing a private tour make sure you bring your own food as lunch is not provided.

Railay Beach

Price: $20
Rating: ★★★★★

❂ We took a long boat to Railay beach, which is right next to Ao Nang and one of the most popular beaches in the area

ℹ: You can just walk to Ao Nang beach and take a boat there, there’s always a bunch of them waiting. The ride takes about 15 min at most

Day ➋

Review: This was my favorite beach in Thailand. It’s really long and punctured by beautiful limestone formations that look even more amazing from above.

We also walked through the little town which is super cute with backpacker vibes and went around to Monkey beach and Phranang beach which are also extremely beautiful.

We did not see any monkeys at monkey beach though as there were too many people

Pool Time & Town Exploration

Price: $20
Rating: ★★★★★

❂ Our last day we spent just relaxing by the pool and enjoying the mountain views. We ventured into town and tried some local street food as well

Day ➌


Hong Island
Railay Beach
The pool at Phu Petra Resort
Lading Island
Railay Beach
The beach swing at Pakbia Island
Leaving Lading Island
Railay Beach
Pakbia Island

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