Beijing Itinerary: History in the Capital – 10 Day Trip in China

When Visited?


Price Point?


Travel Size?

Solo Female


10 Days

Sights I Recommend?


Top Things To See & Do In Beijing

☉ Walk to the Drum and Bell Tower before heading to the Olympic Stadium Bird’s Nest at night for colorful lights reflecting off its silver shell. Its just a couple of subway stops away!

☉Visit Sanlitun for a vast array of bars and restaurants before heading to Shichahai for the Full Moon viewing.

How I Got To Beijing?

Round-Trip Flight

Price: $430
Flight Path

Seoul, South Korea → Beijing, China (AirChina)




Review: Flight was comfortable but no frills. There is a major language barrier so please buy traveler’s insurance in case something goes awry.

I was told I would be fine when my plane was delayed and ended up missing my connection in an airport that doesn’t take credit card, is open for 8 hours a day, and is nowhere near a hotel.

I would not travel with this airline again because of it.

How I Got Around The City?

Mode: Metro
Rating: ★★★☆☆


Review: We used a local company to rent…that may have been a mistake, the car was not cleaned when we got it (sand and small trash items) , the deposit was $500 and they required a high insurance (included in the $356 cost)

Where I Stayed?


Leo Hostel

Breakfast Incl.: No
Room Type: Hostel 6 Beds
Price: $17.60/night
Rating: ★★★★☆

Details & Review

1 Guests | 7 Nights
Review: Clean hostel with a lively backpacker community!

There is a social area, bar, restaurant, and a quiet zone in the hostel providing everything you need.

It is located in a big shopping area that ranges from trinkets and local food to a modern area with Zara and other big name brands a couple of streets over.

What We Did?


Beijing Activities


Review: This is the parade of the year! Chinese nationals show their love for their country by coming to see the flag raising ceremony and then the parade at 10a.m.

The earlier you arrive the better!


Review: As we do not drive, and wouldn’t want to in extreme weather conditions we booked the south coast with Grayline. Pickup was at bus stop 10 on Hlemmur about five minutes walk away from our hotel. Lunch was not included so we took some rolls from breakfast.

We stopped at Skogafoss first and had 40 minutes, personally I didn’t feel it was enough as climbing to the top in icy conditions and back down again filled that time and we had about two minutes to photograph the bottom. Next was the Village of Vik and the beach.

I’m so glad we skipped lunch in the Icewear shop with the rest of our tour to photograph the beach as during lunch a snowstorm hit and from then our whole tour was extreme weather meaning Rejsnifjara beach was entirely coated in snow so no ‘black sand’ for us here, and we had to skip Selfoss because of the crazy storm!

Take your own lunch and make use of the lunch hour photographing Vik, as Reysnifjara was crammed with tourists whereas Vik beach was empty and so much better in photos! Also for us the view from the top of Skogafoss is not worth the climb, so much more majestic from the bottom.

Cooking class at Beijing Cooking School

Price: $71.06
Rating: ★★★★★


Review: The school run by the sweetest loving couple ever provides everything you need with individual cooking stations and very attentive help!

Learn how to make delicious food and then try your hand at it yourself.


Review: There are a lot of hidden gems in this area so take a full day to enjoy what you can find.

Go early in the morning to avoid crowds and have brunch.

Hike the Great Wall of China with the hostel

Price: $30
Rating: ★★★★★


Review: I highly recommend taking the tour with the hostel. They take you to a very empty part of the Great Wall where only locals go to exercise.

Its very peaceful and beautiful and perfect for people-less pictures.

Visit the Summer Palace

Price: $8
Rating: ★★★★★


Review: Go on a day when the sky is clear as you’ll get the most beautiful views in this humongous park.

Wear good walking shoes for the long walk around the lake.


Review:T he Forbidden City gets very packed very fast. The earlier you enter the better!

It is very large and can take hours to explore so plan a lot of time for this.


Review: Bring water and snacks into the park for a nice picnic while looking at the view.


Review: There is a bit of a line before you enter. You are not allowed to stop walking, so you are only able to look for a very short period of time.

You cannot take pictures or bring in any bags, but there is a bag check a block away.

Please be respectful and quiet as this is a mourning place for the Chinese.


Review: The park that holds the various temples and altars has some beautiful trees and flowers.

Take your time and even stop to have a snack.

The Temple and Altars have some very cool architecture that influence sound and echoes.

Where We Ate?


Qingfeng Baozi Pu Fuyou

Price Point: $
Rating: ★★★★☆


Review: Try various different kinds of fluffy baozi here, my favorite being the minced pork and pickled vegetable kinds.

Great Leap Brewery #6

Price Point: $$
Rating: ★★★★★


Review: Tucked away in the maze of hutongs is a courtyard beer garden with drinks from all over the world.

Try something brewed in house or from the continent over while you snack on local cuisine from nearby restaurants.

Eat Street Food in Dashilan

Price Point: $
Rating: ★★★★★


Review: Dashilan has a very vibrant night-life that is kid-friendly.

You can try peking duck, lamb kebabs, Chinese pastries, and fresh fruit all while walking through these streets.

Li Qun Roast Duck Restaurant

Price Point: $$$
Rating: ★★★☆☆


Review: Order a couple of dishes at a time, as the pictures make the food seem small or larger than in reality.

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