Cap-Haïtien, Haiti Itinerary: Two days in Paradise

When Visited?


Price Point?


Travel Size?

Small Group (4 Or Less)


2 Days

Sights We Recommend?


Top Things To Do & See In Haiti

❂ Labadee is something to visit if you care for a more resort like experience. It does have one of the world’s longest zip lines.
The beach is private, so there is an entrance fee. However, it might be a great place to see if you plan on staying in the area for a while.

❂ On the way back down [from Citadelle Laferriere], your mototaxi can stop and wait for you at Sans Souci Palace. Entrance is free. I didn’t go all the way in since no one else was interested but it appears to be beautiful ruins.

How We Got To Cap-Haïtien?

Round-Trip Flight

Flight Path

Port-au-Prince → Cap-Haïtien (Sunrise Airway)




Review: This flight is on a small, 20 passenger plane.

The flight doesn’t often leave on time, but they anticipate this therefore your arrival is often set 30-40 min after departure for a 20 min flight.s

How We Got Around The City?

Mode: Bus | Moto-taxi
Rating: ★★★★★


Review: We took public transportation to keep costs low.

If you don’t speak a little French or Creole, ask your hosts to help you set rides up.

The moto-taxi for 2 people on one bike(not including driver) one way to Labadee was about $4.

The tap-tap to Milot was about $0.75.

Where We Stayed?


Ecoles Les Poupons

Breakfast Incl.: No
Room Type: Small
Price: $10-20/night
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Details & Review

2 Guests | 2 Nights
Review: I would recommend staying here but in one of their slight more expensive room.

This is a school during the day and the family’s home. The grounds are gated so you feel quite safe. Your stay is similar to a guest house or hostel.

I found the room on air bnb but the listing was incorrect.

I would also recommend staying at Laurier Hostel for what seems to be much nicer accommodations on a budget.

*The hosts were very nice and very helpful. They made the place great.

What We Did?


Haiti Activities

Day Trip To The Beach – Labadee

Rating: ★★★★★

Review & Details

Review: Take a moto-taxi to Labadee. There is a small port next to Royal Caribbean’s private resort (also called Labadee).

At this port, you can take a water taxi for about $17/person to Ile-a-Rat.

There you can relax on your own private island, swim in aquamarine water, and have a diy photo shoot (see pics below of my extra-ness).

Make sure you ask your boat driver to take you to the small town of Labadee where you can get some seafood, interact with locals, and take Zanzibar like pics in a wooden canoe w/ aquamarine blue as your backdrop.

Review & Details

Review: Take 45 min ride on a tap-tap for about $.75.

They will let you down at the bottom of the hill where you need to get a moto-taxi for the ride up the mountain road to the Citadelle’s ticket booth.

Mototaxi is $10 r/t. At the ticket booth you must pay $5 for entrance, but a horse ($15) and guide ($20) are optional.

If you don’t get a horse you can walk about 30-45 min up to the actual fort. I walked. Just bring water.

Guides will try to get you to use there services if you refuse initially by walking with you half way.

You can support the economy by paying or read ahead about the fort.

Where We Ate?


A&J Bar and Grill

Price Point: $
Rating: ★★★★★

ℹ: So good I went twice!


Review: So good I went twice. Try the accra, it reminded me of tater tots, and make sure you try their soup if you’re in the mood for that kind of thing. It’s adjacent to the Cathedral so you can’t miss it!

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