How To Get From Charles de Gaulle Airport

There are a lot of different ways to get where you need to go from the Charles de Gaulle airport, but I’ll just address the most useful in my opinion.
Below is a list of quick and easy transportation options:


Very reasonably priced prepaid service, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying beforehand. They’ll pick you up right outside your terminal and drop you off right outside the door of where you’re staying. This option requires a little bit of preplanning, but usually if you book the day before or early enough the same day you’ll be good to go.



If you’re cheap and have a lot of time on your hands you can always take the RER B train from Terminal 2. From this train you can connect at a metro station, and from there take the quickest line to your nearest metro stop. I would suggest purchasing a little booklet of Paris districts and transportation routes.

Cost => 10.30€ (adult fare) / 7€ (children 4 – 9) / free (children under 4) Prices as of September 1, 2017

Paris Metro &RER


Uber’s probably the best choice if you didn’t plan for transportation, considering it’s also a flat rate fee like SuperShuttle, and they’ll pick you up where you are and drop you off at your exact location. The only downfall is Uber requires internet, so unless you’ve got an international data plan you may be out of luck.

(I’m not going to insult anyone by explaining how Uber works. Just download the App and have your destination address ready.)


If you haven’t got a care in the world and money to throw away, by all means hop in a taxi. Could easily cost you upwards of 50€ depending on where you’re staying. I honestly would use this as a last resort in a desperate situation.
To leave the airport, you will find taxis at the exit to the baggage claim area of your arrival terminal:
Terminal 1: exit 24 on the arrivals level
Terminal 2A: exit 6
Terminal 2C: exit 14
Terminal 2D: exit 7
Terminal 2E: gate 10 on the arrivals level
Terminal 2F: gate 11 on the arrivals level
Terminal 3: exit of the arrivals hall
Terminal 2G: blue gate

Good Luck!


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