Hong Kong Currency, Visa And Transport

The MTR can take you to most places in Hong Kong. Read up on what you need to know about currency, visa and transport in Hong Kong:


If you are traveling to Hong Kong, you will need to have a passport valid for 6 months after your arrival and a completed immigration form that will be provided to you. For most countries including the US, you do not need a Visa to go to Hong Kong, but check here to see if you need to apply for a Visa.


Currency: Hong Kong Dollars

How To Use Money: Most places will accept major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard. However, your best bet is to have Hong Kong dollars. Another option is to get an Octopus card, which can be filled up using HKD and used for the MTR, buses, and various stores.

Transport Around Hong Kong

Taxis are safe and reliable around Hong Kong. Not all taxi drivers will speak English, but a majority will. In a pinch, you can google the Mandarin translation of the place you are trying to go.

MTR is by far the best way to get around the city though.

MTR System

The MTR can take you to most places in Hong Kong. While it can be busy, the trains are clean and air conditioned. All announcements for the train are done in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English, while the map above the doorway inside the train flashes to show what stop is coming up next. Be sure to follow signs, which are in English as well, to go to the most appropriate exit, as each station has many that will bring you closer to specific locations.

Single Journey Tickets & Tourists Pass

Single Journey: You can pay at various ticket machines or counters with HKD. Fees vary based on distance traveled and child tickets are roughly half the price. Prices range from 4 HKD to 50 HKD.

Tourist Pass: For 55 HKD, you can get unlimited rides on the MTR for a day.

Octopus Card

The most popular option for residents of Hong Kong and is suggested for longer trips. Not only does it save time having to repeatedly buy tickets, there is a 10% discount over single journey tickets. Further, it can be used on buses and in various stores as a convenient way to pay. You can get one at any MTR station or the airport, just ask at the customer service desk. You can get an on-loan version for a 50 HKD deposit, which is returned along with any remaining value when the card is returned, and 100 HKD in initial stored value.

Airport Express

A one way ticket from the airport to Hong Kong will cost 100 HKD and a ticket can be purchased upon arrival in Hong Kong if you don’t get a ticket at the airport. Buying a roundtrip ticket will cost you 180 HKD.

There is also an airport express travel pass that gives a roundtrip to the airport as well as three days of unlimited MTR rides for 220 HKD at the airport or 300 HKD at any MTR station, which is perfect for shorter trips.

**Alternatively there are public bus routes that you can look up to get to and from the airport for free.


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