Iceland Weekend Itinerary

When Visited?


Price Point?


Travel Size?



2 Nights

How We Got To Reykjavik?

Round-Trip Flight

Price: $180
Flight Path

London → Reykjavik (Ryan Air)

How We Got Around The City?

Mode: Rental Car & Bus
Price: $187
Rating: ★★★★★


Review: Renting a car in Iceland was such a good decision. It gave us free reign of the Golden Circle, meaning we could stop wherever we wanted for as long as we wanted. It’s highly recommended to do this in Iceland because the journeys are quite long from one place to another and it’s nice to be able to do it in the comfort of your own car!

Sights We Recommend?


Top Things To Do & See In Iceland

Day 1: The town is very cute and quaint. We spent the evening walking around looking in all the shops, at the street art and cafes. The main road Bankastraeti/Laugavegur is full of lovely shops all selling souvenirs and treats.

Day 2: We really loved looking around Reyjavik. Hallgrímskirkja church. It’s beautiful. There was a christening happening so we couldn’t go fully inside to see but it looked amazing. We went up to the top after buying a ticket for 900isk ($8.70) however our tickets were not checked so I wonder if you could go up without paying. The views from the top were amazing! We took an unbelievable amount of photos up there. It was a beautiful clear day and you could see the whole city. It’s an absolute must if you are visiting Rekyavik.

Where We Stayed?


Cosy Central Studio

Breakfast Incl.: No
Room Type: Studio Apartment
Price: £57/night
Rating: ★★★★★

Details & Review

2 Guests | 2 Nights
Review: We stayed in a studio apartment which was actually a converted garage. It had a double bed and a well equipped kitchen and bathroom. There was also a hot tub we could use in the back garden.

There is free parking at this Air BnB if you have rented a car, which is highly recommended for traveling in Iceland. The host was so kind and helped us with everything we needed and gave great information on the local area and buses. He even invited us to his party!

There is a bus stop located just outside the house, on the other side of the road which takes you right into Reykjavik. It’s about a 10/15 minute journey.

This studio apartment is in great condition and we couldn’t recommend it enough!

What We Did?


Iceland Activities


Review: This was an absolutely unforgettable experience. You can choose which type of transfer you like; either getting picked up at the hotel you’re staying at, or if you have a hire care like we did, you can meet them at Thingvellir National Park.

You are given a full safety brief and information about the fissure and tectonic activity in Iceland. You’re then fully kitted up. You are told to wear thermals and clothes that are easy to move in- I would say wear a double layer of thermals, you’ll find out why if you keep reading…

You’re then given various layers to put on top, including a dry suit. So you wear this over your normal clothes to keep you warm. You also wear a tight hat, gloves and flippers.

The actual experience is unbelievable. We snorkeled for about 40 minutes. The water is so clear and you can see everything below you, the fissure stretches down for miles! It’s so beautiful and very relaxing. However, the water is EXTREMELY cold. I was convinced that my dry suit had a hole in and I was soaking wet, but actually it was fine it just felt that way because of how cold the water is. You do forget about the cold as you realize what you are looking at is so cool! If you go to Iceland you absolutely have to do this!

Blue Lagoon

Price: £69
Rating: ★★★★★


Review: You have to pre book to get into the Blue Lagoon. As you can imagine, it gets very busy!

Dog Sledding On The Langjokull Glacier!

Price: £100
Rating: ★★★★★


Review: This is another absolute must for anyone travelling to Iceland. There is the option to be picked up from your hotel or, if you hired a car like we did, you can meet them part of the way and then they drive you to the location on the glacier.

You absolutely must wrap up warm; I’m talking skiing clothes. One guy in our group (there were four of us in total) was wearing jeans and he must have been freezing! So take a hat, gloves, some comfy walking/snow boots and thick trousers with thermals. Also take sunglasses because the white of the snow can be very bright.

We spent some time petting the dogs before we were off. As I said, we were a group of four, so we took turns sitting on different parts of the sledge; sometimes at the front (great photo op) sometimes in the middle and sometimes at the back next to the leader which was fun.

The dogs are amazingly strong and you get carried so far, so fast! We sledded for about half an hour. Then the dogs get a break and you are allowed to get off and stroke them and take pictures. The scenery is breathtaking; we were there on a super clear day so we had nice blue skies and bright sunshine which looked so nice against the snowy mountains.

The dogs then carried us back the way we came and again we were allowed to take it in turns for where to sit. For us, coming back was against the wind so it was a lot colder!

We were then allowed one more petting session with the dogs and it was time to say goodbye! Another unforgettable experience!

Haukadalslaug Hot Pot For Active Geysers!

Price: FREE
Rating: ★★★★★


Review: We drove for about 2 hours from the Langjokull glacier to get to the hot pots.

It’s basically an area with lots of geysirs and thermal waters. The main big geyser erupts every few minutes. It was incredible and unbelievably powerful! It was so fun to watch, but very hard to take a good picture! We had a nice walk around as again, the views are breathtaking. There’s also a petrol station/ gift shop/ cafe type thing opposite which is really nice to sit and relax in.

Gulfoss Waterfall

Price: FREE
Rating: ★★★★★


Review: An absolutely breathtaking sight. I had never seen a waterfall before! The sound is incredible. We were there in May and it was a beautiful day. I have seen pictures of the waterfall frozen over in Winter too so now I want to go back again!

Where We Ate?


Kopar Restaurant

Price Point: $$$
Rating: ★★★☆☆


Review: It was pretty expensive here, about £50 each. But we ate, A LOT.

I really recommend getting the ‘Adventure Desert’ which is a platter of puddings to share. You’ll need to be rolled home!

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