Macau Day Trip

Macau, one of the biggest gambling locations in the world, is only an hour away from Hong Kong. Read up on what you need to know for a Macau day trip:

About Macau

Macau, one of the biggest gambling locations in the world, is only an hour away from Hong Kong. Besides gambling, the casinos themselves are enormous themed hotels, where you can visit canals inspired by Venice and a fake Eiffel tower while shopping in one of the largest malls you’ll ever walk through.

The Parisian and Venetian hotels are just two of the many casino/hotels that have put a lot of effort into being tourist spots as well. While you can go by train or through mainland China to get to Macau, the easiest way to get there is by boat.

How To Get There?

Taking the ferry from the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal is the best option. If you want to spring for it, you can also take a helicopter from the same location. While the boats are fast, get there in an hour, and for the most part are fairly stable, there is the possibility of rough seas.

It is best to book your tickets in advance, as they can sell out, even though there is a ferry ever 15 minutes. Tickets are around 300 HKD for a round trip, but depends on the day of the week and time. You can upgrade to higher classes, which come with food and refreshments during the ride, along with a nicer cabin, for a couple hundred HKD.

Note: If you do wish to travel economy and are booking at the ferry terminal, you have to opt to economy class for the self service machines.

Turbo Jet
Cotai Water Jet

What To Bring?

Make sure to bring your passport, as you will have to go through immigration on the way there and back. However, it is a relatively simple process. Besides that, you can bring Hong Kong dollars, as the currencies are pegged at a near 1 to 1 rate and are widely accepted as the same.

What To Expect?

You can expect giant buildings, great picture taking spots, and numerous shops. The lights at night are a big draw, and room rates are not terrible. While there are a lot of people, Macau doesn’t seem as much of a bustle as Hong Kong and is cleaner, at least in and around the casinos. Of course, you can expect there to be gambling, but there is not a high pressure to go, as the shops in the casinos are also big business. Macau’s hotel/casinos are unique copy of other spots around the world, from Venice and Paris, to Hollywood, and while it may not be the authentic experience, there is a lot to be had.

Food & Other

The Portuguese food in Macau is the most distinct on offer, as it has been influenced by local flavors while maintaining the original tastes coming from Macau’s roots. Whether it’s egg tarts or seafood, you can find some wonderful Portuguese food here, besides all the other types of food available.

If you want to get away from the city, you can also explore Hac Sa beach and hiking. Hac Sa beach is a black sand beach, and while erosion has made them bring in some normal colored sand, it has maintained the black coloring.


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