Paris Metro System: What You Need To Navigate It

The Paris metro is one of the easiest Métro systems to navigate in the world Here’s a list of useful items you’ll need:

Paris Transportation Booklet

This guide will have every Paris Métro line, RER Train, and bus route including every Métro stop, street name and Arrondissment (District). The best way to get around is to purchase this little square booklet, which can be found at just about any news stand on a corner, or at the airport.

RATP Website/App

This site is like google maps specifically for Paris. If you have an address or Paris Métro stop you’re trying to get to, just plug it in and it will provide the fastest route using all modes of transportation.

Regardless of the duration of your stay you’ll need some sort of pass.

Individual Tickets

(Bus, Train, Métro): Best for a stay of 1-3 days

Price: €1.90/ticket

Carnet of 10 Tickets

Carnet of 10 Tickets: Best for a stay of 4-7 days

Price: €14.50/Carnet


Best for a stay of 1 week or longer

Price: €19.85 – 22.80/week for unlimited travel in Paris
€65.20 – €75.20/mo for unlimited travel in Paris

(variation depends on which zones you want access to)


-You can buy tickets and passes at major Paris Métro and RER stations. The Kiosk will be at the entrance.
-Children under age 4 travel free. Kids from ages 4-10 pay the full adult fare for single tickets, but
a children’s carnet of 10 tickets is half price.
-Métro ticket machines accept coins and credit cards, but not banknotes.


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