Visiting Death Valley: 5 Things To Know Before

If you’ve ever thought about going to Death Valley National Park, then you probably know it’s not but a mere 4 hours from Los Angeles. It might have crossed your mind to head out really early in the morning and be back before the end of the day.

Not Necessarily A Day Trip

If you’ve ever thought about going to Death Valley National Park, then you probably know it’s not but a mere 4 hours from Los Angeles. It might have crossed your mind to head out really early in the morning and be back before the end of the day. Yessss, this is possible but have you ever seen anyone go to disneyland for 3 minutes? Death Valley is the largest national park in the continental United States!!! Measuring at a whopping 5262 square miles. There are too many sights to see in the park that sometimes, a weekend isn’t enough.


The name “Death Valley” has a story behind it. Death Valley is home to extreme conditions. The winters can be brutal and so can the summers. Death Valley held the record for the hottest recorded land temperature at 134 degrees Fahrenheit!

A group of pioneers were lost here in the winter of 1849-1850. They were eventually rescued after losing one of their own. When they were leaving, one member of the group shouted “Goodbye, Death Valley!” This name and that story has now become part of Western History.

Be sure to check the weather before you head out.

Prepare Or Die

With death valley being 10 times the size of Los Angeles, it’s not surprise that resources are somewhat limited. With this said, its imperative that you make sure you have enough fuel, water, groceries before heading out of any of their populated communities.

Furnace Creek is one of these communites. There are restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and hotels here. Make sure you fill up your tank and have enough food and water before heading out to explore.

Bring Your Moment Capturers

By moment capturers, I mean cameras, camcorders, GoPros, anything you use to capture memories. This park in one of the most beautiful parks in the world. A photographer’s paradise. Between Badwater Basin to Devil’s Golf Course to Artist’s Palette and so much more, there are so many sites to see. After you leave the park, you will definitely want to relive these moments through videos and photos.

Respect the Park Rules

When you arrive at the park, you’ll be blown away by its beauty. This beauty retains itself because of certain rules put in place. One of the rules are “Take only photos”. Please remember that it is not permissible to take anything from the park.

Not even a rock. Take all the photos and videos you want but don’t take anything out of the park. Hunting, feeding the wildlife or tampering with any art/treasures there is not only wrong but illegal. Campfires are only allowed in the campgrounds.

This will limit the chances of fires in the already extreme temperatures. Also, bringing Fido along might limit your activities. Pets must always be on leash and cannot be more than 100 feet from a road, picnic or campground. They are prohibited from trails and must never be left unattended.

That’s it. Happy Travels!


☑ Deodorant
☑ Toothbrush
☑ Shower sponge
☑ Towel
☑ Soap
☑ Toothpaste
☑ Clothes for 3 days and 2 nights (assuming you’re spending the weekend)
☑ Comfortable shoes (you’ll be doing a good amount of walking/hiking)
☑ Pillow
☑ Sleeping Bag/ Air bed and Mattress (Pump if applicable)
☑ Water bottle
☑ Chapstick (we assume everyone is as addicted as we am)
☑ Headphones
☑ Socks
☑ Ipod/MP3 Player
☑ Camera
☑ Hat
☑ Tent
☑ Portable Speaker for music at campground

☑ Batteries
☑ Knife
☑ Burner
☑ Propane (5 bottles)
☑ Lighter fluid-
☑ Lighter
☑ Firewood
☑ Can opener
☑ Bottle opener
☑ Drinks
☑ Marshmallows
☑ Roasting Sticks
☑ Chocolate for s’mores
☑ Crackers for s’mores
☑ Electrolytes
☑ Water Filter
☑ Trash bags
☑ Ziploc bags
☑ Cooler box
☑ Paper plates
☑ Paper bowls
☑ Collapsable chairs

☑ Disposable forks
☑ Disposable spoons
☑ Cutting knife
☑ Pack of bottled water
☑ 2nd pack of bottled water
☑ 3rd pack of bottled water
☑ Granola and Kind Bars
☑ Banana
☑ Peanut butter
☑ Bread
☑ Jelly
☑ Nuts
☑ Breakfast Bars
☑ Olive Oil
☑ Coffee (For those who drink that)
☑ Chips
☑ Fruits
☑ Cliff Bars
☑ Toilet Paper
☑ Insect Repellant
☑ Alcohol Wipes/Hand Sanitizer
☑ Playing Cards
☑ Flashlight

Death Valley National Park:

Must See Sites

There are many amazing sites in Death Valley but here are 5 we believe you have to stop by:

Explore Death Valley

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