Visiting Reykjavik: What I Wish I Knew Before

Visiting Reykjavik. Speeding tickets, WoW airlines, price points, food, gas, getting from the airport, popular tour companies, experiences and sights, as well as unique foods and must-try dishes.


For those looking for a low cost way of getting to Iceland, you’ll find that WOW air is the most popular option amongst budget travelers.

WOW is a low budget airlines so you will get what you pay for (transportation) and then pay for pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE! That includes seat selection, food and beverages. As typical with low cost carriers they have a strict baggage policy–so please be prepared.

Additionally, they have no in-flight entertainment or wifi so be sure to load up on things to keep you entertained–books, music, movies, shows, etch.

Iceland Air is the other popular airline to fly to Iceland. It is still a budget way to fly but with a higher price than WOW air you can bypass all the limitations that come with WOW.

Reykjavik Is Expensive

There is nothing else to it but the universally accepted reality that Iceland and hence Reykjavik is bloody expensive.

➾ Be prepared to pay 2X or 3X the price for most things
➾ Food is very expensive so visit the grocery store when possible
➾ Gas is…you guessed it…expensive


Liquor is expensive in Reykjavik so if trying to drink on a budget your best bet is to buy alcohol at the duty free at Keflavík airport in Iceland.

Here are examples on the price difference from

6 pack of bottled Stella Artois 33 cl

Duty Free: 1399 ISK
Outside of airport: 2094 ISK

Difference in ISK: 695 ISK

Bacardi Razz 50 cl

Duty Free: 1499 ISK
Outside of airport: 4199 ISK

Difference in ISK: 2700

Absolut Vodka 1 L

Duty Free: 2699 ISK
Outside of airport: 7799 ISK

Difference in ISK: 5100

Getting From The Airport

Getting from the airport to the city:

Note that the KEF airport you fly into is not in Reykjavík but located in the town of Keflavík.
Keflavik is approximately 45 minutes from Reykjavík. Uber and Lyft are not available and taxis cost a fortune.

Take the


. You can book it online for both ways and it’s affordable.
It’s most certainly a cheaper alternative to taking a taki–please don’t bother with taking a taxi.

Busses are located right outside the terminal building.

If you are arriving late at night or your flight is delayed, don’t worry, there will be a Flybus waiting for you.

They offer special discount fares for children accompanied by adults.
0 – 11 years: free of charge.
12 – 15 years: 50% discount.

Car Rentals

To travel through Iceland on your own, you’ll need to rent a car or camper van. There are a lot of options and you will read stories of people being ripped off so you’ll have to do research and go over the condition of the car you’re given with a fine tooth comb before driving off with it.

It’s also recommend to go with recognizable rental services that have desks directly in the airport arrivals hall (i.e Avis, or Enterprise)

Read More here and here

Speeding Tickets


➠ Speeding tickets are hefty–from $300 and up

➠ You won’t see a lot of police around so you instead get caught for speeding cameras that are plentiful throughout the city.

➠ It takes time for authorities to process the tickets sometimes so you may think you are in the clear before you leave the city but once processed they will find your rental car and agency and pass on the cost. The agency will take the cost from you and also charge a processing fee on top of that.

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Popular Tour Companies, Activities & Sights

Popular Tour Companies:

Reykjavik Excursions
Gray Line

Popular Tours:

Northern Lights
Golden Circle
South Coast
Game of Thrones

Popular Experiences:

Blue Laggon
Food Crawls

Popular Sights:

Hallgrimskirkja Church
Harpa Concert Hall

Northern Lights

You most likely won’t see the Northern Lights (it depends on luck, solar activity and the weather) but if you are fortunate enough to be outside on a clear night when they arrive, Iceland is an amazing place to see them.

You can book a tour if you like, but it isn’t always necessary. The Norther Lights can be easily seen from the town, or wherever you are. All you have to do is just look up!

Learn Morestrong> about seeing the Northern Lights.

Unique & Must-Try Foods

Fermented shark
Lamb brains
Minke whale
Puffin (bird)

Reykjavik’s Hot Dog (or pylsur)
Icelandic Rye bread (and butter)

Showering Naked Before Entering A Public Pool

Public pools in Iceland are popular and relatively cheap to enter.

When there you must undress, shower naked (it’s a normal procedure so don’t be weird about it) then put on your bathing suit before entering the pool.

Once you’re done swimming be sure to dry off thoroughly as to not track water to the locker area.

There are shower guards to ensure that you follow procedure. The 6 step guide to swimming pools in Iceland

Traveling Outside Of The Southern Iceland Area

If you are traveling outside of the Southern Iceland area, GET N1 prepaid gas cards!

Outside of the big city, most of the country has gas stations that aren’t manned, and don’t have card readers for credit/debit cards so you have to have a prepaid card with you or you’re out of luck. Trust me on this one. Have PLENTY of cards and backup cards if you plan on driving the ring road!

Full service gas stations accept all manner of payments. However, some of the automated Iceland gas stations only accept credit cards with a pin.”